31 May, 2016

How To Work In Fashion

One of the things I've been doing this month is interning for Glamhive. Glamhive is a fashion community that rewards you for shopping and sharing OOTDs... pretty major! Anyways, I wanted to share a quick post about where to find internships.




09 May, 2016

Goodbye Concrete Jungle

OK. FINE. I've only finished one year of college but give me a break... everything needs a dramatic exit. Goodbye Upper West Side? No.. I'll probably be living here next school year. Goodbye New York? Yes.. If there is one thing I'm ready to say goodbye to, it's New York. Yes. It's true.. I am so completely, utterly, sick of New York! My fingers are crossed that when September rolls around, I'll be ready for the concrete jungle, but honestly... I'm not sure.

25 April, 2016

read this and smile

"This semester was hard. 

It’s been rewarding, draining, frustrating, magical, fun, full of adventure and just outright annoying. But it’s also been an actual life. I’m so thankful I can smile, cry, laugh, exercise, not exercise, impersonate Miranda Sings, hate myself, dance around in a bikini, be disappointed, eat cookies for lunch, get an A, get an F, be completely mediocre and still treat myself well at the end of the day."

~ Danielle Lowe (my strongest friend)

07 April, 2016

What Makes A Bestfriend?

Meet New Yorks quirkiest friends- Italian Isotta meets half-Parisian, half-crazy Ella. So, what makes us perfect partners in crime?

Isotta: There is no definition of a good friend... it's about someone who listens, makes you feel special, and stays beside you even when you're not at your best. You share some interests but don't have the same passions. Someone that inspires you to do something better and bigger.

Ella: Someone who makes you feel like being 100% you. You can be crazy, sad, annoying and even a little bratty around them because they'll still love you tomorrow. Someone that guides you in the right direction, respects your journey and knows your flaws. When I saw "someone", I mean Isotta lol.


31 March, 2016

How To Style The Bomber Jacket

This is, without a doubt, my favorite trend of the moment. It's so "cool girl" chic. Take a look at the runways of Alexander Wang, Tibi and Chloe for their haute couture take on this wardrobe staple. When it comes to street fashion, Gigi Hadid is pretty much Queen B(omber).

I like to wear this piece on my way to a workout class, to casual lunches, and to the movies. Those are the only things I do, so you can pretty much always find me in a bomber jacket. How would you wear this trend?